Canary Wharf by Night 360 Virtual Tour

This 360 x 180 panoramic was taken a few days ago – Nov – from Canada Square. We have not done any retouching to the image, the colour of the sky is as it was, the lights of London.

Love the way that canary wharf looks like something from Blade Runner at night, will have to get our teeth in to a Virtual Tour there some time soon.

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  • EyerexNo Gravatar10 December 2008

    I’m still trying to work out how these spherical photos are done as they look great plus are a different look on the world from a normal photo

    Do you use a standard camera as have done a few panoramic pictures which can be a pain matching everything up just doing horizontal so must be a nightmare to do a spherical picture

  • Henry StuartNo Gravatar10 December 2008

    The key to doing a fully spherical image for a virtual tour or 3d picture is to use the right tripod head, failing that just makes sure you rotate the camera around the middle of the lens rather than around you as is most natural. This will eliminate parralex error and give you far easier stitching. Check out the Nodal Ninja for a cheap, entry level option:

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