GigaPixel Panorama of London

This is a GigaPixel Panorama of London taken from Hampstead Heath’s Parliament Hill.

It was shot to be printed at 3m high and 12m long on a client’s office wall – giving them the impression of always looking at the view.

See if you can spot what the time is on the train station clocks?

Or can you see the lady with the balloon?!

So, you can see that we don’t just get asked to do Virtual Tours, also large scale panoramas, commercial photography and video too. Have a look at our ‘Other Services‘ page for more information.

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  • will hallNo Gravatar30 April 2011

    Your xml file says that this is only 300 megapixels. What lens did you use to shoot it?

    • Henry StuartNo Gravatar01 May 2011

      Hi Will, it’s 81471 x 14154 pixels which is 1.15 Giga Pixels :-)

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