What Are GigaPixel Panoramas?

So … What Exactly Is A Gigapixel Panorama?

A Gigapixel Panorama, in the simplest terms we can come up with, is basically a HUGE picture that can be made of from hundreds of different pictures that have been stitched together. If you think of a patchwork quilt and how the different pieces can overlap but ultimately make up one large object, then you are thinking along the right lines. The beauty of one of these huge images is that the resolution of the picture can be so great that when you zoom in you are able to see things that you wouldn’t normally see with the human eye and definitely not on your run-of-the-mill holiday snaps. The reason why we love creating Gigapixel Panoramas is that we are ultimately creating a souvenir of a specific moment in time that captures every detail, including ones that would usually be forgotten. Take a look at our Royal Wedding Gigapixel Panorama to see exactly what we mean.

Royal Wedding GigaPixel Panorama

They say a picture tells a thousand words, yet seeing as some Gigapixel Panoramas can consist of a billion pixels made up from almost two hundred separate photos, I’d be willing to bet they could tell a hell of a lot more than that. To create your own story through a picture, take a look at our portfolio for inspiration today: GigaPixel Panorama Portfolio

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