Oculus Rift | London Virtual Tourism Experience

We have recently worked with our partners Rewind FX to produce the Visit London Virtual Tour for the Oculus Rift. Uniquely you can look at locations in view such as the Savoy, London Zoo or the Gherkin and then be transported inside!

Oculus Rift 360 London

Using the Rift in the VISUALISE Studio

One of the key features of this app is that it starts out in space and zooms past the moon and in to the experience, once you are in the image just look up at the moon to jump out in to space again!

Also, once in a location, simply look at the floor to return to the London Eye and the overview shot.

London Oculus Rift Experience

Screen Grab From the Experience

If you’re lucky enough to have a rift then download here and try for yourself:

Mac Download

PC Download

Let us know what you think: @VISUALISE360

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  • AndyNo Gravatar26 September 2013

    Love it. Congratulations. Some beautiful 360 shots there and the navigation is a joy – if only it was that easy getting around real London.

    The main question is, will it make people want to visit or decide there’s no need to now?

    You guys are going to get very busy with the renaissance of head-mounted displays….

    We’d love to come over and see you soon..

    Andy (Inition)

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