Aerial 360 Panoramas

Put your audience in the skies with a 360 Drone shot from Visualise

Aerial Photography Info

  • Eight Bladed UAV
  • Gyroscopic Balancing
  • Altitude Hold
  • GPS Hold
  • 360 x 180 Spherical Panoramas
  • CAA Licensed
  • Professionally Controlled
  • Images Captured Up To 400ft

The Pano-Drone

The unique Visualise ‘Pano-Drone’ is a specially built UAV for capturing full 360 x 180 degree panoramic images in the sky.

The Pano-Drone can be flown to a point above a school, golf course, property, tourist site or any other location and triggered to capture stunning aerial views that give a totally unique birds eye perspective.

These images can then be used as a form of interactive map, allowing viewers to choose their building below and then view a tour inside that.

The Pano-Drone has now passed CAA licensing and is fully legal to fly! We use qualified pilots and follow strict flight manuals, assessments and rules.

Here’s an example of the Pano-Drone being used at a school: Aerial Panorama of a School

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