Audi Oculus Rift VR Experience with Allan McNish

Visualise and Somo create a ground breaking VR experience for Audi UK at Goodwood 2014


The Challenge

Audi wanted an innovative driving experience to showcase their new Audi R8 and RS6 to automotive fans at the world famous GoodWood Festival of Speed.

The Soultion

Visualise worked alongside Somo to produce an exhilarating 360° VR experience for the Audi Moving Motor Show in which viewers are the passenger in a Audi R8 or RS6 car as it gets taken on a hot lap of the world-renowned Silverstone circuit by Audi sport legend and three time Le Mans Winner, Allan McNish.

The Results

“It’s very exciting, very real, you really feel like you’re are there”

Karen Boulton, Digital Content Manager – Audi UK


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