BBC Studios VR Tour

Visualise explores the future of television in a BBC VR tour

The Challenge

The BBC have been at the cutting edge of media technoloy since 1922 (colour TV was considered a new hi-tech platform of the future when it first came out) and they were looking for ways to create new types of content and to deliver them in new ways. They asked Visualise to try something new.

The Soultion

Visualise was granted unique access to produce a VR tour of the BBC studios as they explore what role virtual reality will have in television and broadcast. The pace of change in digital media is astounding – when the BBC started making the world’s first regular public television broadcasts in 1936, there were only about 20,000 TV sets capable of receiving the programming – today, more than 20,000 smartphones will be sold around the world in the next 10 minutes.

The VR tour filmed with cutting edge 360 cameras the viewer is able to take a tour of the different departments that help to make a live news broadcast, viewers get to see the news floor the live gallery the weather department, as well as watch Fiona Bruce do a 10 o’clock news bulletin.

The Results

“It is very early days for this type of technology (we were using an Oculus Rift developer device as their consumer device has not been released as yet), but virtual reality has the potential to be the next generation platform.”

Cyrus Saihan Head of Business Development at BBC Future Media

To download for Oculus Rift:

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