360° Live Streaming

Be front of stage, anywhere, anytime

What is 360° Live Streaming?

360° live streaming gives you the potential to reach a limitless number of fans for your entertainment, sports and other live events. Whether they are front row or part of an intimate VIP experience you can empower your audience to choose their viewing position or provide a unique directors perspective.

We have built a cutting-edge end-to-end 360° live video solution that can stream immersive video content via the cloud to an internet browser player, mobile Apps and VR headsets opening up new revenue streams and exclusive content distribution.

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We have produced a custom SDK that can be embedded into your existing iOS or Android App allowing your fans to reach the stream easier.

Cameras are connected to custom designed stitching rigs that connect to a 4G or super fast network and beamed via the cloud back to our London based mixing studio. Footage is to cut live between multiple camera rigs as well as inserting any graphical overlays or pre-recorded VT’s.

Our high-end encoding servers will manage the live stream and make sure your audience is getting the best quality stream to their environment. Powered by our specialist encoding services we will ensure your audience will reach the best quality without affecting their data streams (3G, 4G, Wifi).

Content can be delivered over desktop, mobile (android and iOS) and custom VR Apps designed by Visualise to provide reliable performance throughout the stream.