360° Post-production

Why 360° Post-production is important

before_and_after_giff_test_01VR and 360° video content poses a unique set of challenges to editing and compositing due to the nature of the distortion of the raw footage.

Despite the software in certain camera systems such as the Nokia OZO becoming more sophisticated with the ability to stitch and review footage, this does not replace the need for having a highly trained team working across the 360° post-production process.

We have developed a series of tools and have partnerships with top tech companies including The Foundry, Unity and Sennheiser to deliver a full suite of advanced capabilities that you would expect in traditional film and media.

Whatever advanced editing is required for a project we can handle it. This ranges from compositing, retouching, re-timing, tracking, stabilization, match motion, animation and to grading and green-screen work.

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