CG Virtual Reality Production

Breaking Boundaries with Interactive Virtual Reality 

 Whether you want to enthral your audience, inspire changes in behaviour or test dynamic models of your blueprints, nothing quite pushes the boundaries like interactive virtual reality.

What is CG VR?

Interactive VR experiences require computer-generated (CG) content and are built through games engines such as Unity or Unreal.

CG can be used in two main pathways in VR:

Our ability to fuse 360° video with CG means we can create scenes in hyper-realistic detail.

Our approach to interactive VR content production

We follow a design-led approach to CG creation to ensure that productions are well thought out from the very beginning. This includes working closely with you to develop your brief so that the final creative idea translates powerfully into the medium of interactive VR.

Our team of developers are equipped with a range of creative software programs to achieve the best possible results, transforming your idea into a hands-on VR product.

Over the past four years, we have created a range of CG virtual reality experiences for top clients, including The Economist, Lexus and Wired

Our latest internal R&D project takes you to the skies in Santa’s Ho-Ho Hot Air Balloon!

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