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Facebook Tagged Basketball Match

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Facebook Tagged GigaPixel Panorama This 18 GigaPixel picture was taken during the Olympiacos and Barcelona semi-final in Istanbul. Click on the image below to view the image. You can tag yourself on facebook and choose which team you support!

What Are GigaPixel Panoramas?

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So … What Exactly Is A Gigapixel Panorama? A Gigapixel Panorama, in the simplest terms we can come up with, is basically a HUGE picture that can be made of from hundreds of different pictures that have been stitched together. If you think of a…

Royal Wedding Giga Pixel Panorama

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Shot for the BBC, a 1.15 Giga Pixel Panorama of the Royal Wedding (GigaPan) The BBC commissioned Spherical Images to photograph this highly challenging, huge, panorama of the royal wedding. The view covers 200 degrees and allows you to clearly see people’s faces in the…