VR & Automotive

VR & Automotive

Unlocking a world of VR auto applications


1. More cars, smaller showrooms

Bring value to dealerships on the high street by offering VR test drives in boutique shops, giving more people more experiences of more cars.

2. Reach consumers anywhere, anytime

Build a VR car showroom filled with virtual cars that customers can explore without even leaving their homes.

3. Deepen customer loyalty through powerful storytelling

Tell your brand story in a whole new way by taking people on VR tours of your factories, letting them see up close how their car was created.

4. Increase conversions via emotion-driven lead nurturing

Put people behind the steering wheel and unleash them on a racetrack. Or sit them in the cockpit and let a pro take the wheel. Either way, give people visceral virtual experiences of what your brand can deliver.

5. Blaze a trail through social media

Leave the static words and images of traditional marketing in the dust by creating 360º films for desktop & mobile, as well as apps for VR headsets.

Tearing through the streets of Paris in a Ford Mustang for our recreation of the 1970s cult classic 'Re-Rendezvous'.

Putting our expertise in 360º video, sound and CG VR to work, we have created more VR auto experiences than any other studio. We’ve:

  • Re-created the cult classic C’était un rendez-vous in 360º VR for Ford Mustang
  • Designed 360º car explorers for Volvo
  • Taken Lamborghini fans for a serious spin along the Amalfi coast
  • Ridden shotgun with The Stig, creating a 360º dedicated app for Top Gear
  • Built interactive race experiences (with hydraulic seats) for Audi at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We haven’t just worked with these brands on imagining and designing their experience; we’ve also developed bespoke strategies for optimal distribution. And we ensure the experience lives on by repurposing content for use across multiple platforms like Igloo dome, VR apps, web players for website, 360° pop-up ads, YouTube and Facebook.

The best way to experience VR is in a dedicated headset with ambisonic sound, so if you think VR might be right for your business, we’d love to come in and show you & your team some of our work.

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