Audi virtual reality experience for TT Coupé 360

Audi virtual reality experience for TT Coupé 360

The team from Visualise flew to Germany and filmed a fully immersive 360 experience at the Audi test centre with designer Juergen Loffler. The in-store virtual reality experience gives Audi customers the opportunity to be taken on a test lap and a tour of the brand new Audi TT with Loffler explaining new features and the inspiration behind the design.

The Results

The experience has been rolled out across 115 Audi centres throughout the UK and will remain a permanent feature in Audi’s London City Flagship store.

“This ground-breaking initiative adds a touch of theatre to automotive retail, allowing Audi customers to experience the thrill of the new third-generation TTS in its full glory.”

Nick Ratcliffe, Head of Marketing, Audi UK.