Lexus NX Oculus Rift Experience

Lexus NX Oculus Rift Experience

Visualise has unveiled a daring new driving experience for Lexus Europe, as a centrepiece to its new NX launch campaign, ‘Striking Angles’.

With partners Amaze Digital Agency and Rewind FX, Visualise developed this incredible new driver experience for Lexus using the latest, positional tracked, Oculus Rift Headsets. Using the cutting edge, DK2 headset, consumers are able to virtually experience the car via an immersive and interactive car configurator, allowing users to create their own NX by selecting from a range of features.

Consumers also have the opportunity to enter into a virtual driving experience, to test-drive the car through a multi-dimensional urban landscape and to experience the NX in a truly unique and personal way. It makes up a key part of the Lexus’ launch campaign, Striking Angles, which announced its partnership with recently.

Working closely with Oculus Rift, the technology took the team at Visualise, Amaze and Rewind six months to build and as a digital first for consumers and for the Oculus Rift system, the NX driving experience pushes the boundaries of the technology and presents an innovative approach to car buying.