360º Video Production

Exceptional 360° Video Production

360° video is one of the most powerful content formats for user engagement. It transports viewers to the centre of a narrative, giving them a highly immersive experience of a real-world or custom environment. With major platforms like YouTube and Facebook now supporting the format, your 360° content has the potential to reach millions.

We have over four years of experience producing live-action 360° content and 10 years shooting 360° photography to exceptional standard, working closely with clients to deliver unique and impactful experiences to their target audiences.

Our approach to 360° video production

Our experience in the field has enabled us to develop a custom set of VR techniques and processes, dubbed the Visualise Immersive Pathway (VIP). This allows us to make decisions on set and in post-production that are grounded in latest learnings and streamlined to ensure efficient production. This iterative process means we can respond to complex scenarios with agility and find new and custom solutions to bring your project to life with the highest level of quality.


We’ll help you to understand and adapt your brief to the 360° medium. We then translate this brief into a script and storyboard – the first step towards visualising the 360° experience.


We focus on creating content that is both comfortable and engaging to maximise a viewer’s sense of presence in the worlds we help you create for them. Our production is supported by specialist technology and a team of experts in VR direction, binaural sound and 360° cinematography.


We stitch and blend the footage to create a seamless environment for the most compelling VR experience. Visualise partners with Nuke, an advances node based compositing software for content editing.

Our custom set of VR techniques and processes, the Visualise Immersive Pathway (VIP) allows us to make decisions on set and in post that are grounded in our previous learnings and streamlined to efficient production.

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