360° Video production

360° Video production

Exceptional 360° Video Production

360° Video production

One of the most powerful content formats ever created, 360 has been at the beating heart of Visualise since day one.

Our core heritage as a studio is in 360 video production for VR. We have in-house VR directors, DOPs, camera technicians, post specialists and app developers.

We can shoot and edit in 3D (stereoscopic) 360 and capture all of our work with binaural sound. We also work closely with industry partners such as the Mill to achieve stunning finishes from our grades.

360° video is one of the most powerful content formats for user engagement. It transports viewers to the centre of a narrative, giving them a highly immersive experience of a real-world or custom environment. With major platforms like YouTube and Facebook supporting the format, your 360° content has the potential to reach millions.

Visualise on Set

Visualise Head of Sound, Henrik Oppermann, on set adjusting ambisonic recording settings on the Visualise 'Mantis' dolly.

Our process as 360° filmmakers differs in many ways from shooting traditional film content. As the industry has developed we have almost rewritten the rulebook entirely, developing a new set of tools and techniques specifically for producing 360° VR content.

This iterative process has meant that as a VR production studio we are agile and adept at finding new solutions to complex scenarios.

Our custom set of VR techniques and processes, the Visualise Immersive Pathway (VIP) allows us to make decisions on set and in post that are grounded in our previous learnings and streamlined to efficient production.

This combined with over 6 years producing live-action 360° content and 10 years experience with 360° photography means your campaign is in the safest pair of hands in the industry.


We work closely with our clients to understand and adapt briefs to the 360 medium. We’ll then develop a script and storyboard that illustrates this brief as one of the first steps towards visualising a 360 experience.

hidden cities: dublin, vr fim for ft and google from visualise


We shoot with a focus on achieving ‘presence’, and fundamental to this is creating content that is both comfortable and engaging. Comfort in VR requires particular care and attention. Motion, blocking and technical aspects all need to be carefully planned and executed.

360 Video Post Production

Post Production

360 Post-Production comprises of stitching and blending footage to make it as seamless and high quality as possible. Principally, Visualise partners with Mistika, Mocha and the Adobe creative suite to produce content. We also use a number of creative programs and software at this point to deliver our experiences.

VR Content Delivery


Often missed out but absolutely vital, how the project is delivered to headsets is hugely important. Ensuring the content is correctly formatted depending on the headset, social platform, mobile or web-player it is intended to be used for. Too many great projects have been butchered at this crucial last phase!

We have over six years of experience producing live-action 360° content and 10 years shooting 360° photography to exceptional standard. We have produced over 100 experiences since our inception and have learned the techniques for both practical capture of VR and crucially the methods for storytelling in VR.

It’s the balance of this expertise, along with our proven process of production, that means we are able to deliver on high profile projects on time and in budget time and again. Call us up to chat through your project and you’ll see what we mean!

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