About Us

We’re a team of award-winning film-makers, producers, technologists and developers. Everyone at Visualise is united by a shared ambition: to push the boundaries of what’s possible with immersive content.

About Us

“We pride ourselves on being masters of what’s possible with augmented and virtual technologies. And we pride ourselves on thinking beyond it too. We’re always unearthing new ways to move people through immersive storytelling.”

Henry Stuart, Founder, Visualise

Watching VR with Visualise

The Real Deal

Technology isn’t holding VR and AR back any longer. We’ve entered an era that promises to bring astounding realism, beauty and interactivity into the work.

Because we’ve produced more immersive content than any other agency in Europe, we know better than anyone else what it really takes to turn the promise of VR and AR into the kind of content that takes people’s breath away. 

Our unrivalled level of experience in making these projects means our clients can push the boundaries of immersive content with minimum risk. Read on to learn more about our process and who we’ve helped achieve their goals.

Immersive Production Pathway

VIP Workflow

Since our inception in 2013 we have developed a strong process in the production and post-production of immersive content. This is a set of steps that a project flows through in the studio with well detailed review points and feedback loops.

The importance of strong process is vital for this cutting edge content, where render times and app approvals are so long and project turnarounds relatively short.

AR Artwork

100% Immersive

We are production studio uniquely dedicated to immersive content. That means we understand the specific nuances of translating narratives into compelling and successful AR and VR experiences.

We have an unrivalled skillset across each area of production and whether you require a live action 360° video, fully interactive VR experience, augmented reality adventure or something in-between, we can bring your idea to life.

visualise is committed to r & d, bringing our latest insights to our 360 and virtual reality productions



We recognise that the AR, VR and MR landscape is constantly changing and we need to be able to constantly evolve with it. As a result we invest a large part of our time back in to R&D projects. The result of this has been a strong capability in unique methods of 3D 360 production, ambisonic audio capture and stabilisation in VR and advanced tracking and occlusion techniques in AR.

Immersive Partnerships


We have strong industry ties with  Sennheiser, SGO, the Mill, Samsung, Google and many more key players. These ties are vital, not just for the best results for production but also for ensuring the maximisation of delivery.