About Us

We are a collective of the world’s leading virtual reality filmmakers, producers, technologists and developers.

About Us

“Our in-house team of VR specialists is sourced from all over the globe, they have a single focus - to create spellbinding immersive content. See below for some of our key differences. ”

Henry Stuart, CEO at Visualise


We’re one of the most experienced virtual reality studios out there, having produced over 100 experiences in the last 4 years. As a result, we have developed the trust and confidence for some of best loved brands and companies around the world.

We have shot 360° content in over 30 different countries in locations as diverse as a South Sudanese refugee camp to F1 Race Circuits.

VIP Workflow

Since our inception in 2013 we have developed a strong process in the production and post-production of VR. This is a set of steps that a project flows through in the studio with well detailed review points and feedback loops.

The importance of strong process is vital for VR where render times are so long and project turnarounds relatively short.

100% VR

We are production studio uniquely dedicated to virtual reality. That means we understand the specific nuances of translating narratives into compelling and successful immersive experiences.

We have an unrivalled skillset across each area of production and whether you require a live action 360° video, fully interactive VR experience or something in-between, we can bring your idea to life.



We recognise that the virtual reality landscape is constantly changing and we need to be able to constantly evolve with it. As a result we invest a large part of our time back in to R&D projects. The result of this has been a strong capability in unique methods of 3D 360 production and ambisonic audio capture.


We have strong industry ties with  Sennheiser, the Foundry, the Mill, Samsung, Google and many more key players. These ties are vital, not just for the best results for production but also for ensuring the maximisation of delivery (e.g. securing Samsung Gear VR headsets for big activations).