BT Sport App Augmented Reality Features

BT Sport App Augmented Reality Features

A few months ago, BT Sport and EE came to us with an exciting new opportunity – the 5G iPhone release was on the horizon and they wanted to add some ground breaking new features for their customers.

Apple iPhone 12 Max

Working closely with the BT Sport developer team we built two new AR features that would both demonstrate the power of 5G and also add great value to football fans watching from their homes.

The features were developed in native iOS code – swift – and based on the new AR Kit 4, allowing phones with lidar scanners to instantly place the content in the users surroundings.

The first feature is called ‘Stadium Experience’, this is an augmented reality ‘portal’ – or doorway – that fans can place in their surroundings. The door is branded to match the home team for the upcoming match or the team that features within it. As you approach this doorway,  that resembles glass lift doors, it parts, revealing another world beyond. You walk through and find yourself immersed in the content.

BT Sport Match Day Experience

The second, ‘Match Day Live’, allows you to place a 3D model of a stadium in your surroundings, scale it up and place it on your coffee table or floor. Once you have done that you can fill the stadium with stats and information from the game. Hard to visualise?! Let’s have Rio take us through it:

Ultimately we see this as just the start of getting the next level of content and user experience in to sport viewing, thanks to the huge power and potential of both AR and 5G. Now that BT Sport have taken these first steps, it opens the door to far further reaching and immersive experiences, ultimately transforming sports watching during and post covid.