Castrol Renault F1

We worked closely with BP and Castrol to produce a 360° video that takes you on a thrilling ride around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in the Renault Sport R.S.17, the team’s F1 car for this season. Driven by Nico Hülkenberg, the footage was hugely challenging to stitch seamlessly. We pulled it all together with some advanced optical flow work, removing visible hard stitch lines and balancing the exposures all around the car.

The resulting footage was then carefully graded to bring out the stormy weather and the colours and contrasts of the track. Finally, we incorporated Castrol’s CG engine interior to allow you to fly past the pistons of the car mid-lap. The footage was shot by our brilliant rigging partners Extreme Facilities & all post-production was done in-house by Visualise in London.