The Economist VR App

The Economist VR App

The Challenge

The Economist wanted to move in to VR as a new method of immersing new and existing audiences into their stories. They wanted to do this with a dedicated platform that could serve their content to the maximum number of users with the best possible quality and simplicity. Crucially the apps had to feel like part of the Economist family and a natural part of their subscribers ecosystem.

vr studio visualise has developed the economist vr app

“The Economist VR app is not just an app, it is a whole platform. It is available on Android, iOS, Gear VR and even Daydream, reaching every possible VR user. ”

Matthew Shannon, Visualise Executive Producer

The Solution

We designed and built a bespoke series of apps that allowed the VR content from the Economist to reach any VR user. This meant Google Cardboard apps for iOS and Android, a Samsung Gear VR app and a Google Daydream app.

The design of the apps was vital, not just to match the Economist ecosystem but also to allow for an intuitive, compelling and comfortable VR experience. We worked closely with our friends at KickPush on the design.


the economist vr app developed by vr studio visualise

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