How To Ride With Bird

QuickFrame approached Visualise on behalf of Bird scooters to create a first person 360º film to ensure that people understood the process of hiring a scooter and using them safely throughout their journey. Bird electric scooters can be hired in cities all over North America and has made its way over the pond covering multiple cities across Europe and the Middle East. 

The film takes place on Parisian streets, following a rider that hires a Bird on his short journey. The film begins with the pedestrian approaching and hiring the scooter. Using the app, he scans the code and begins his ride. Throughout this video, specific aspects are highlighted to promote safe riding; use bike lanes, yield to pedestrians, etc. The video comes to an end by parking the Bird in a safe and secure location with the rider snapping a photo to ensure it is left appropriately.

The film was created using a helmet-mounted GoPro Fusion to capture the first-person view. The deliverables Visualise provided allowed Bird to cover all of their online media, from YouTube 360º to regular 16:9 video which could be embedded onto sites that may not support the 360º footage.