Hummingbird a 360° Music Video for Kyla La Grange

Hummingbird a 360° Music Video for Kyla La Grange

The Challenge

Inception, the new entertainment platform for 360° and virtual reality content partnered with Visualise to produce a stereoscopic 360° music video for Kyla La Grange’s latest single Hummingbird.

The Solution

To bring to life the ambitious treatment from De La Meurte Films and to ensure we produced a fantastic stereoscopic experience for Inception, there was a lengthy period of pre-planning.

We needed a solution that could shoot high quality, stereoscopic film, the Visualise R&D team extensively researched different camera systems that would be able to handle complex sequences, including slow motion and reverse movements.

RED Dragon cameras were selected for their super high resolution offering and ability to shoot at high frame-rates for the slow-motion effect.

visualise dop jonathan curran reviews the scene
hummingbird is the new stereo 360 music video for kyla la grange

Filmed on a large sound stage with full studio lighting, the creative concept was brought to life through our collaboration with the directors, choreographers and designers.

In stereoscopic video you need a lot of processing power, we designed a custom stereo 360 workflow specifically for the project, which processed around 75,000 frames in The Foundry’s NUKE over the course of three weeks. We really love the R&D and integration skill set the The Foundry brings to their solutions, and OCULA allowed us to farm the stereo colour matching on the lenses and focus matching.

The Results

Hummingbird has been featured on the YouTube 360 channel and has received just over 82,000 views on YouTube. The stereoscopic version is now available on Inception’s new entertainment app.