Jimmy Choo Christmas Snow Globe

Jimmy Choo Christmas Snow Globe

Jimmy Choo wanted to give their best customers a surprise this Christmas, so we created this ‘augmented reality’ snow globe! Built in Instagram’s ‘Spark AR’, you can place the snow globe in your surroundings and then actually shake your phone to get the snow to shake!

The shoes in the globe are the new pink Averly’s, one of the featured pairs that Jimmy Choo is promoting pre-Christmas. They are asymetrical in design which of course means more data/information to squeeze in to Instagram’s 4Mb Spark AR limit!

Jimmy Choo Averly AR Shoe

We had to model the shoes from scratch working from photos of the shoes as they were in short supply pre-launch.

One of the big challenges was making realistic looking snow that looked right, floated as you would expect and was not too large or taxing on the processors of the phones being used. These are the kinds of issues we are always fighting with Spark AR.

Here’s some of our original modelling of the shoes in Blender:

Click on the link here to try the filter on the Jimmy Choo Instagram account!