Living Print with Oskar Illustration

Augmented Reality Art Works - Living Print - Oskar Illustration

Oskar illustration (Oi!), partnering with Visualise, have launched the sale of works by five illustrators from the Oi! collective. Designed to bring the outdoors in, with a particular interactive AR twist to bring them to life, each artwork will be sold with all proceeds going to industry charity NABS.  The aim is to promote wellness and better mental health in the creative industries after a year of lockdowns.

There is a subtelty and quality to these AR experiences, they are each perfectly sympathetic to the art itself and bring the scenes to life, letting you feel like you are diving inside the prints or looking through a window in to another world. Each of the below prints is with a QR code, so click on the pictures below and have a try!

You can buy these prints for yourself from Oi! directly, check out their blog piece here.

Soon to Be - Paris Anthony-Walker

The images can be activated by scanning the QR codes in each of their corners, which in turn launches Instagram on the correct ‘filter’. Then you simply hold your phone over the artwork to see it come to life!

‘Soon To Be’ – Paris Anthony-Walker

This piece highlights the fact that the world has had to find different ways of connecting with loved ones during the pandemic, but brings hope as we now start to come back together once again.

Click the image to the left to get it full screen and scan.

Le Temps des Copains, Bertrand Aznar

‘Le Temps des Copains’ – Bertrand Aznar

Drawn from the artist’s own memories, the piece remembers all the good times spent with friends contemplating the beauty that nature offers us.

Click the image to the left to get it full screen and scan.

Home Office, Haley Tippmann

‘Home Office’ – Haley Tippmann

The illustration shows the new working space, and a hopeful image with a desk fading from an indoor home office to a summer beach scene, to add to the hopeful feeling for better times to come

Click the image to the left to get it full screen and scan.

Travelling Daydream, Katherine Hardy

‘Travelling Daydream’ – Katherine Hardy

A wishful thinking illustration of where the artist wanted to be during lockdowns: the end of a warm day, lying on a sandy beach in Portugal.

Click the image to the left to get it full screen and scan.

Sun Bob, Anton Hjertstedt

‘Sun Bob’ – Anton Hjertstedt

The piece shows how nature can make people feel alive again, recognising the goodness in life, even during lockdows.

Click the image to the left to get it full screen and scan.

The artworks were provided to Visualise in their constituent parts, allowing us to isolate parts of the scenes and individually animate them, either in 3D software or in Spark AR Studio itself.

There is a whole range of things you can do with Spark AR Studio and this really is just scratching the surface, drop us a line and have a chat about your AR project.