Louis Vuitton – Zoooom With Friends in AR

Louis Vuitton - Augmented Reality Building Take Over - Zoooom with Friends in AR

Working closely with the Louis Vuitton creative team we built an AR experience for the official Louis Vuitton app that allows users to see the flagship store in Paris being ‘taken over’ by animated characters from the ‘Zoooom with Friends’ campaign. The characters climb up the building and on to the roof, where they start jamming.

Louis Vuitton AR Vendome

Customers with the Louis Vuitton app could stand outside the store, hold up their phones and watch as the campaign creatures creep out of the windows, up the walls and on to the roof of the building. At this point they pull out their instruments and start playing the incredibly catchy track from Sa-Ra. While watching they can photograph or record the experience from within the app.

Louis Vuitton Augmented Reality Experience Paris

The building had to be scanned in advance of launching and constantly updated due to changing conditions and lighting on location. Due to lockdown restrictions in the UK, Visualise worked with remote French partners to run daily tests and help refine the app in advance of launch.

Visualise also completed a selfie feature for the worldwide LV app users that allowed people to film themselves with the characters jamming all around them.

Check out the video below to see footage captured during the capaign.