The Macallan Distillery VR Experience

We provided VFX/VR supervision and all of the post production for Blend Media’s project with Macallan. We helped them produce four different videos about the whiskey, their new distillery and their culture and people. One of the key aspects of the 360 films is their constant movement, always smoothly moving forwards, on dolly, or on drone. This means that every single shot has to have the rig removed and the sky or ground replaced.

Here’s a video showing some examples of our VFX work:

“Visualise's experience and technical knowledge was essential on our VR production for The Macallan. Having them on set was crucial to ensure what we shot would work not just in VR but in post too. They then oversaw the long, fiddly and time consuming post production process, making sure we and our clients had the best possible films, on schedule and on budget.”

Simon Brooksbank, Head of Production - Blend Media

Visualise completed all of the post-production and deliverables for this project, including the ambisonic audio production for a range of deliverables, including VR headset, mobile, and large screen projection.

VR Drone Rig

The above drone was used for capturing the aerial footage, the camera system was a Panasonic GH5, back to back rig. The resulting footage was all stitched in Mistika VR and stabilised in Mocha VR. For the ground based shots a Motion Impossible ‘Mantis’ was used.

You can watch the behind the scenes video here: