Mercedes-Benz Formula One 360 Video

Mercedes-Benz Formula One 360 Video

The Challenge

To capture 360 video footage, onboard an F1 car during testing at Silverstone. To put this in perspective, this was the first time the car had run in the season. Without even being able to view the car before the shoot we had to plan for all eventualities. We had to mount both the camera and the 360 audio system to the car within 10min. We only had one shot at this.

The Solution

Custom mounts for both the camera and the ambisonic capture system were built that would allow for both flexibility and safety of mounting. Footage was shot at high frame rates to allow for better synchronization between cameras.

The Results

Over 1,000,000 views of the 360 video, 20,000 app downloads and international press coverage on TV and online including an article by Wired. The content was released on web-player and as an iPad app.