Munkination – A Second Chance

Munkination - Augmented Reality Portal Experience

Working with the Royal Opera House (Audience Labs team) and HAM the Illustrator, Visualise have produced an augmented reality portal experience to allow you to walk in to a dark and compelling version of our futures. Munkination: A Second Chance, the brainchild of Ham the Illustrator, is an immersive trap-opera experience which places the audience member at the centre of a futuristic adventure story about climate change. The project mixes styles and genres, combining live performance with a distinctive graphic world, and scored with a hybrid of hip hop/trap and opera resulting in a radically new sound. 

Munkination Tilt Brush Trees

The app allows you to place a ‘portal’ in your surroundings, and walk through it, following instruction from a member of the San tribe, talking to you from the future.

The world you walk through in to is a completely abstract view of the future, a downward spiral through time to a darker world. This world and animation is all created using ‘Tilt Brush’.

The tilt brush ‘sculptor’ / artist was Kayleigh Eliza, taking influence from Ham and the Royal Opera House she created this incredible virtual representation of the world and the Munkination story.

During your journey you hear an incredible track, scored by HAM and the Royal Opera House for this experience, the audio is also spacially tracked, helping immerse you and contextualise the world. At the bottom of the spiral you meet four members of the San tribe and start the next part of the experience – the face masks.

Munkination Characters

Ultimately Munkination was built to raise awareness in climate change, this is just a small part of the bigger Munkination story, but one that we hope will open more doors (or porals!!) for this brilliant concept. Working with the Royal Opera House again and with Ham the Illustrator was a huge pleasure.