New Toyota GR Supra

New Toyota GR Supra

Visualise recently worked with The&Partnership to create two pieces of immersive online content for the launch of the new Toyota GR Supra.

The first piece (below) was an intriguing teaser video released ahead of the official unveiling of the car. The visual content is blurred and instead, the video encourages the user to put on their headphones and experience the Binaural Audio (brilliantly captured and mixed by Grand Central Recording Studios) in its full glory as the car screams past them over the polished surface of the Excel Centre in London.  At the time of writing, the teaser video had received nearly 1,000,000 views on Facebook and YouTube, making it Toyota’s most popular video for the last two years.

After the car was officially unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, Toyota then released the second piece (click play on the banner above), a fully interactive 360º video version. The video content was shot on a custom Panasonic GH5 based rig and stitched using optical flow techniques with no visible seams. The lighting and look was thanks to the brilliant James Medcraft (DOP). The binaural head used to capture the audio was a Neumann, augmented with a Sennheiser Ambeo and additional microphones mounted on the car itself.

Finally, here’s a VFX breakdown we’ve created to illustrate the post-production we did on the piece.

The custom Panasonic GH5 rig Visualise created for the shoot.