‘One Small Act’ for Rotary International

One Small Act represents the biggest and most challenging project Visualise have embarked upon to date. They were approached by award-winning creative agency, Don’t Panic, to lend VR expertise to a 360° video project for Rotary International.

Primarily dedicated towards humanitarian issues, Rotary International wanted to create collateral with the aim of increasing donations to worthy causes—in this instance, Polio vaccinations.

The video, created in partnership with Google, tells the story of a young girl growing up in Bosnia. The familiarity of everyday life is suddenly disrupted when the country breaks into war. The girl (with her teddy bear in tow) struggles through with the help of numerous characters: a nurse who administers her polio vaccination, an enemy soldier and a fellow refugee.

The narrative comes full circle at the end, with the final scenes depicting the girl in her later life—an empowered doctor, administering a polio vaccination to another young girl.

“Visualise were able to make the impossible happen for us. In a few short weeks they helped us turn around a hugely ambitious project on foreign shores with incredible results.”

Helen Jackson - Account Director, Don’t Panic

Filming an immersive experience in mono and stereoscopic

The film was shot in Romania using both mono and stereoscopic techniques. It was framed as a forward-looking 360° arc which cuts to a 180° teddy-bear’s-eye-view during poignant moments.

This technique was used to give the audience a more intimate glimpse into the difference small kindnesses make to the protagonist while simultaneously offering an insight into her personal journey.

“One Small Act is the most ambitious project Visualise has ever delivered. It would have been enormously challenging producing this project as a regular film, with thousands of details like costumes, lighting, and locations to bring 90s war torn Bosnia to life, but we had to make it all work in 360°. I think what we’ve made is one of the best examples of VR storytelling yet created and it really shows what we’re capable of as a studio.”

Will McMaster - Director, Visualise


The technical challenges weren’t just limited to the set. The opening scene features an explosion, which was shot on set and edited in post-production. To enhance the drama and the impact, we added a number of VFX to the scene, like glass and smoke. This was all completed in stereo and in 360°.

Project delivery

The finished 360° film was previewed in a record-breaking screening of 3,000 audience members in Atlanta. It was delivered through Rotary’s VR app (available on Android and iOS) and Google Cardboard headsets.

“The immersive power of VR makes it the perfect vehicle to connect with our worldwide audience. The experience will play a key role in increasing member engagement in worldwide humanitarian issues and driving donations.”

Rotary International