Spice Girls 360 Degree Lyric Video

Spice Girls 360 Degree Lyric Video

Working with Sound Bites Studios, Visualise have recreated the world famous ‘Wannabe’ music video by the Spice Girls. Famously shot as a single take in the stunning London St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, we retraced the path of the original video in 360.

The piece was all shot on the Meta One camera and with our custom modified rover system. We were able to operate the camera and the dolly from hidden locations around the hotel and shoot parts of the video in perfect sync with the original video. Of course though we could not go up steps so we did have to have a few subtle tranistions!!

Here’s the 360 video dolly system parked at the foot of the staircase in the hotel. The system was carefully controlled to steer it through all the parts of the location that feature in the music video. Note our nifty driving as we glide in to the restaurant!

The camera was gyro stabilised and features a cantilevered dampening arm, meaning silky smooth footage.

The Spice Girls have also provided a 16×9 ‘screengrab’ from the video – this is a form of ‘overcapture’ and allows a 360 video to be watched like a normal, non-interactive film.