Virtual Reality Game The Cell for WIRED2015

Virtual Reality Game The Cell for WIRED2015

The Challenge

We were invited by WIRED to present our work in virtual reality as part of the Test Lab and wanted to produce something entirely different for this event. We set ourselves the challenge to create a ground-breaking virtual reality game that pushes the boundaries and explore what’s next for this exciting new medium.

The Solution

With our goal in mind we partnered with motion capture experts, Audiomotion Studios who gave us access to their professional motion capture systems and technical know-how to develop our VR game.

“This experience is really comfortable for most people because you’re whole body is there and you can see your whole body and you feel really grounded in your surroundings. ”

William McMaster, Head of VR, VISUALISE

Over the course of 3 months from idea to delivery, our team spent many hours working and revising the concept. We worked to deliver a VR game with low latency and high quality, photo real, graphics to give each participant a sense of presence, allowing complete and comfortable immersion in the future.

The Results

We created a full body motion tracked VR experience that for the first time allowed the public to see their avatar and physically explore a virtual world. One of the main attractions at the Test Lab, over 200 people entered The Cell VR at WIRED2015 and Next Generation.