VR 360° view across London from The Shard

VR 360° view across London from The Shard

VR Experience for the Shard, the UK's highest VR experience!

The Challenge

Getting to the highest point of the highest building in the country and capturing a 360 degree time-lapse of the view from the shard over 24hrs. This footage would then be used to augment the experience already given at the top of the Shard. It would also be used to help sell the Shard experience from trade shows or other locations.

The Solution

It was never going to be easy, but I didn’t think they would get us up there in one of those rickety window cleaner boxes! We even had to run a three pin, 240V, plug up there to power the cameras. So you could have plugged a toaster in, funny thought.

We built a custom, waterproof, housing for our 360 rig and had it hardwired at the top of the shard, it was fitted using a carbon fibre monopod and custom shaped mount for rigidity and safety.

The Results

The experience was first deployed at the World Travel Market on the DK2 But will go on a world-wide roadshow throughout 2015.

Users will be able to view a time-lapse video of London – 48 hours sped up to 2 minutes, they will see the clouds fly past them, hear the wind from 308m in the air and watch the sunset and rise again. They will also be able to access a ‘future view of the London Skyline, look at some of the skyscrapers that are in production now or will be in the next decade. Looking at them pulls up their information.