Waitrose 360° Ad

Latest Waitrose campaign features a 360° ad to provide access-all areas onboard a tuna fishing boat.


waitrose 360° ad #thewaitroseway from visualise

The Challenge

Leading UK supermarket Waitrose is committed to supporting responsible fishing and farming practices. For their new campaign, #TheWaitroseWay devised by top agency adam&eve DDB, they wanted to give customers a chance to see where their food comes from. Alongside the TV advert aired early April, Visualise was appointed to film and produce a companion 360° ad for YouTube. Viewers are transported aboard a fishing boat in the Indian Ocean as local fishermen catch tuna using the responsible handline method.

shooting 360° ad for waitrose

The Solution

Director Max Fisher wanted to capture 360 footage that perfectly matched the TV commercial content, allowing users to view the whole scene from the advert and openly understanding how the produce was farmed.

To prepare for the 360° shoot in the Indian Ocean, we spent a couple of days shooting test footage on the Thames in order to evaluate what the scene would look like in 360 and how interesting and dynamic the scene could be. We didn’t exactly have the impressive sunset of the latest ad but it certainly allowed the team to prepare for what would be an intensive 10 day shoot in the Maldives.

The team also captured underwater footage and other scenes from around the boat, resulting in hours of content to review before the final 30 second scene was selected.


Director - Max Fisher
DOP - Jonathan Curran
Executive Producer - Matthew Shannon
Producer - Arnaud Baernhoft
Outside Producer - Jeremy Bannister
2nd AC - Joe Packman
Colour grading - Absolute Post