The best immersive directors

The best immersive directors can play with the deeply emotional and physical aspects of these new mediums to bring about strong emotions and reactions in their viewers. We have worked with some of the best, find out more below.

Directing immersive content is not easy. You need to be able to think from a different perspective and in a copmpletely new medium. For 360 video you need to know how to lead the eye, how to pace the footage and what to consider for physical effects like comfort. For AR you need to understand the nuances of the technology and how people access it, it's all about the user journey.

Jason is an experienced VR & 360º director and an award-winning writer and film director. He weaves his art of beautiful storytelling into everything he does, combining over 20 years experience in commercials and documentaries with the new and exciting opportunities that VR technology offers. Along with his extensive film experience, he has also worked as a Creative Director in Brand & Digital agencies which gives him a deep understanding of how to use film and VR to strengthen brand stories and greater insight into clients needs. He has made a number of VR films and 360º experiences with Visualise - including 4 stunning films for Macallan whisky.

Anil Mistry

Anil is a creative industry veteran who comes from a background in animation, film and entertainment. His eclectic career path has taken him through all areas of the creative industries. He has held senior creative director roles with Paramount and Disney and is an experiential expert - merging the physical and digital to develop concepts that find the sweet spot where cutting-edge tech and real-world human experience meet in exciting and engaging ways. He’s also a professional photographer with an eye for a powerful image. He has developed work for, among others, The premier League, Channel 4, Adidas, Lego, Jameson, IBM, Playstation, Twitter, Estee Lauder and Nike.