Ho-Ho Hot Air Balloon – a festive interactive VR game

Ho-Ho Hot Air Balloon – a festive interactive VR game


Ho-Ho Hot Air Balloon

This festive season, Visualise brings you…’presence’.


What happens when Santa calls in sick? The wonderful development team at Visualise step in to create a fabulous, interactive VR game to help ‘you’ save the day!

I don’t have an HTC Vive!

Fear not, register for our Christmas Special VR Lunch on 13th December 1-3pm HERE, for your chance to play the game

I do have an HTC Vive!

Download the interactive VR game HERE


Please remember to play our interactive VR game responsibly and use the Vive controller straps. We advise a minimum space of 2m², and make sure you clear any pets, grandparents or valuable objects out of the way, lest they get in the way of your quest to help Santa.

Gameplay Instructions

  • Key objective – help Santa by delivering as many presents as you can
  • Press the circle pad on the controller to start the game
  • Enter the virtual hot air balloon basket and familiar yourself with your new surroundings
  • Face the Present-O-Matic machine inside the basket
  • Presents will appear inside the chute of the Present-O-Matic
  • To pick up the presents and teddy bears, click and hold down the trigger button on the controllers
  • To adjust the height of the balloon, pull down on the strings located to your left and right marked UP and DOWN respectively
  • The balloon will steer itself with the wind
  • Throw the presents into the chimneys of the houses below you. If you make a successful delivery, the Present-O-Matic will make a ringing noise and the house will light up.
  • Complete the game by placing the star on top of the tree!
  • The Present-O-Matic displays your final score
  • Hit escape on your keyboard to exit the game

This is an R&D project so it’s not 100% perfect, feel free to send any feedback to hello@visualise.com.