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We're looking for permanent and freelance roles, send us your CV!

For want of a better term! Basically a Producer with experience in interactive product delivery, ideally with experience with AR or VR productions. Someone with a track record in managing high tech and high pressure projects with teams of remote workers to strict budgets and timelines. The right producer can make any project sing, if that’s you, get in touch:

We are always looking for experienced Unity developers who have a proven track record of creating and publishing iOS, Android and PC experiences. In particular we’re looking for people with AR, VR or MR experience. We’ve used Unity to create standalone apps and also for it’s libraries to be integrated in to client’s native apps. If this sounds like we’re speaking your language then please send your CV to we’d love to chat.

We’re doing a lot more web based immersive experiences, everything from virtual museums to augmented reality face filters. We work with Play Canvas, babylon.js, 8th Wall, Zappar and more. So if you’re a whizz at any and all of the above then please drop us a line:

There is a bigger and bigger push towards web launched/based immersive experiences. Clients are less inclined to make new apps and users are less inclined to install new apps. 8th Wall, Zappar, webGL, three.js and any other tools you might use to get the job done is relevant. We have a lot of this work on at the moment are looking for more support! Get in touch!

If you can understand the best flow for an interactive experience, think through how the user will operate/play or work with an app along with designing the assets required for the developers then we’re looking for you. We like to work with an ‘all in one’ UX/UI who can work from wireframes through to delivered UI assets. Please send through your CV or a link to your work as we’re looking for you now!