Virtual Reality AEC Applications

Virtual Reality for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries

Virtual Reality AEC Applications

VR Applications in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

For the AEC industry and its clients alike, VR is radically enhancing how we can experience buildings before they are constructed. There are a whole host of virtual reality AEC applications that are being used to bring value to the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Harnessing the latest 360° video, photography and sound capture technologies we create virtual spaces that give people a profound sense of presence in another world –  the one being constructed by you.

visualise offers vr visualisation for the architecture, construction and engineering industries

VR in architecture

VR illuminates the human elements of architecture – form, space and aesthetics – making it an incredibly powerful way of engaging clients and igniting their enthusiasm for a project. VR architecture visualisations allow people to walk through realistic environments where one day they might work or live, offering a real sense of perspective that photography cannot achieve. This is a transportative, nigh on magical experience. It also allows customers to give instant feedback on design, helping them play a much more meaningful role in the creative process.

VR in engineering

For architects and engineers alike, VR is probably the most revolutionary design tool since CAD. By taking yourself inside your own projects through 3D modelling and visualisation, you can get an immediate sense of function and feel. Spot flaws and potential risks before implementation. Manipulating things within this virtual world encourages bolder ideas and more rigorous iteration. It is the ultimate way of prototyping.

VR in construction

For the construction industry, VR presents a powerful opportunity to shake perceptions of inefficiency and improve profit margins. By building construction projects in a virtual space, structures can be explored, tested and planned for in detail, before anyone steps foot on the construction site. Let stakeholders of all kinds engage with spaces in advance of the heavy labour, mitigating risks and tackling design changes to before construction is underway – saving both time and money.

VR in the AEC industry has a role to play at every step. It can help you play with infinite concepts, create complex, explorable environments, design out errors and showcase proposals in amazing ways.

Bring the human risk-factor to safety testing

Place people in virtual worlds and put your safety systems to the test. Computer models don’t touch on the psychology of how people react to their environments. VR does.

Transform stakeholder engagement

Create virtual walkthroughs of your building so potential clients or investors can experience it on a visceral level.

Improve cross-team communication

Design a virtual space where your New York-based architect, Frankfurt-based engineer and London-based contractor can meet and actually walk through a project together.

Experiment and personalise

Make things fun (and constructive) by building interactive environments where you and your clients can repaint walls, flick lights on and off and see what works where.

Showcase your work far and wide

Create 360° films of your homes or buildings for VR enabled platforms like Facebook and YouTube, where every nook and cranny can be explored.

We’re a progressive VR studio with an established track record building award-winning immersive experiences for major clients in major industries. This is no less true in the AEC industry where we have worked on virtual reality AEC applications for Heatherwick Studio, BIG (Bjarke Ingles Group) and AES (Arlington Energy Services).

Our clients trust us because as VR has developed rapidly over the last five years, we have remained at the cutting edge. Whether it’s bringing your project to life in a virtual space or designing real time cinematic architectural visualisations, we can create experiences that conjure a real sense of being present in yours.