VR for music and music videos

VR for music and music videos

Virtual Reality for the Music Industry

VR music is changing how artists perform, collaborate and create, and how audiences engage with their music.  We’ve developed binaural sound plug-ins and techniques that capture sound exactly as it’s perceived in the real world, transporting listeners to the beating heart of any audio experience.

vr studio visualise has captured imagine dragons in 360 at their o2 show, imagine what a 360° live streaming experience would be like

Photo by Kate Elizabeth

With the music industry model changing and record sales dropping, VR is a massive opportunity for rights owners to promote artists and boost revenue streams. It’s also an opportunity for labels, brands, venues and festivals to create new ones, as well as connect with emerging audiences around the world.

vr music experience of kasabian from vr production studio visualise

VR is paving new ways for festivals, music events and rights owners to reach people and revolutionising the art of the music video. And for audiences, it’s altering how they consume, share and talk about music through an access to artists they never thought possible.

How VR can take you further


Reward and maintain fan loyalty

Create exclusive, unplugged 360° backstage content taking fans behind the scenes and into the studio where they can witness their favourite artists at work.

Reach new and wider audiences

Live stream 360° footage with 360° ambisonic sound from the heart of a concert or festival, extending the depth and reach of the experience. If people can’t be there, this is the next thing.

Push creative boundaries

For artists that are daring to tell new kinds of multi-layered stories, the worlds of VR and 360° video are limitless.

Fuel bookings

Give customers an immersive seat preview so they can check out the view from their seat before they buy a ticket.

Amplify yourself

Create mind-blowing VR music experiences that resonate across social media beyond desktop and mobile into VR apps and VR goggles.

visualise vr studio created a vr music experience for rock band imagine dragons

Why Visualise?

Our approach has seen us collaborate with Kyla La Grange, KStewart and Imagine Dragons. We’ve built a virtual pop-up store for The Clash while our award-winning VR music experience for Kasabian saw us transport fans into the crowd, backstage then onstage for a gig at the O2 Brixton Academy. It “knocked (the NME’s) socks off.”

When people enter virtual worlds, it’s often the sight and space that seduces them first. Sound can be over-looked but it’s an intrinsic part of a compelling experience.

We have a special department for spatial sound capture and design dedicated to bringing audio worlds to life.  This sets us apart when it comes to creating VR music experiences.

Beyond sight and sound, we strategise. A dedicated account team will consult with you to make sure your VR experience is distributed for maximum engagement, whatever your budget. And your content will live on. We’ll repurpose it for use across multiple platforms like Igloo domes, VR apps, web players for website, 360° pop-up ads, YouTube and Facebook.