Shot for the BBC, a 1.15 Giga Pixel Panorama of the Royal Wedding (GigaPan)

The BBC commissioned Spherical Images to photograph this highly challenging, huge, panorama of the royal wedding.

The view covers 200 degrees and allows you to clearly see people’s faces in the crowd.

If you are interested in prints of this image then please contact:

Click the picture below to see the image.

Royal Wedding Giga Pixel Panorama

Click on the image to launch the Giga Pixel Pano

Detail of the Royal Wedding GigaPan Image

Detail of the Royal Wedding GigaPan Image

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will hall says

How did you ensure that there were no stitching errors in the wedding party, did that group all fit in one shot?

Raina says

It's an AMAZING picture. Great work! Would love to see how it was done, getting all the pics needed when you have a moving subject for part of it.

Justin Holloway says


Great photo. Can I ask what the maximum time diffence is between each adjacent photograph is? I can see the odd shot that you can tell (i.e a woman on the left with two faces etc), but generally speaking you find it difficult to tell any movement. There is one part that is really confusing. On the far left in the foreground, there is the back of a person in a black rain coat. Below the metal bar of the platform he/she has no legs, just a continuation of the crowd and a metal storage box. The odd thing is that I assume there should be some horizontal and vertical joins somewhere, but I cannot see them.

Many thanks

Justin Holloway

Henry Stuart says

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments.

In response to some of the questions:

The wedding party was two shots, with a lot of masking :-)

Photos were approx one second apart.

Jonny Dredge says

I don’t know if you have received a lot of interest for ur Royal wedding panoramic on the BBC website already but is there any way of getting ur hands on a print of that? Cos it’s kinda cool. Thing is I didn’t know if you do prints...
Let me know,
Thanks Jonny

Henry Stuart says

"Thing is I didn’t know if you do prints…"

I am hoping to sell this as a print/framed print soon. However I am waiting to clear the issues on the images rights with the BBC.

Antonio Scavetta says

Did you actually stop at 200 degree rotation? As someone who was off to right of your image I'd love to know if you continued your rotation all the way round.

Samantha Parry says

Would it be possible to contact me when the print becomes available to purchese. My husband is actually the lead rider on the carriage carrying the bride and groom, and obviously we would like as many pictures of the day as possible to save for our children and grandchildren. Thankyou very much.

Henry Stuart says

Prints now available, please email with details of sizing and specification etc. For example 2m long print only or 1m long print, black wood frame, white mount board etc.

Reiner says

Great Picture!
I found some Ghosts on the right side, but its not bad.

Greetings from Bavaria, Reiner