South Africa in 360

By Henry Stuart October 20, 2014

Filmed entirely on location in South Africa, the video was shot using a series of cameras In 3D printed mounts to create a full 360-degree effect. Along with our friends at SomethinElse we also pioneered the use of binaural sound (360 degree sound)  to accompany the video, creating a truly immersive effect.

The Oculus Rift footage showcases 6 scenes in South Africa, including abseiling down Table Mountain in Cape Town; kite-surfing; feeding the elephants in a sanctuary; strolling through Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg; and shark-cage diving, where the footage was shot underwater using a specially 3D printed underwater camera rig that had to be tested in the warmer climbs of the London Scuba School!

“As far as we know, this is the first time a tourism board based in the UK has used Oculus Rift to showcase their destination in such a varied and immersive way, using this state-of-the-art technology to create an interactive and immersive experience,” said SAT UK Country Manager, Tolene van der Merwe. The launch at WIRED 2014 comes ahead of a national consumer campaign due to be rolled out in early 2015.

Behind-the-scenes Photos | Behind-the-scenes Video


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