E3 2015 Day 2 and Microsoft HoloLens Hands-on

By Henry Stuart June 18, 2015

As ever Microsoft has a huge presence at E3 this year with their giant glowing green XBox stand and their Halo5 posters everywhere!

However shadowing over XBox’s announcements of the longly awaited Halo 5 and it’s brand new controller was Microsoft’s HoloLens¬†presentation, they stunned the crowds wit their MR (mixed-reality) demo of the incredibly popular Minecraft. The demo was incredible… whilst one user was playing on their Surface (yes serious product placement going-on) navigating around the Minecraft universe another player was watching the Minecraft world from their HoloLens projecting an augmented reality image on the surface of a coffee table.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbg2PLkIaDY’]


But Microsoft didn’t just want to tease us with what we saw on stage they wanted to share how it works in the real world! So to market the brand new Halo 5 Microsoft built a whole Halo 5 experience which pretty much took up 50% of the western hall of LA convention centre (if you’ve been here that’s huge). To create interactivity within the environment they arm every guest with a HoloLens and allow them to navigate around the Halo 5 world using MR.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk4hVaCfNWQ’]


It’s not clear when the hardware will be available or the price tag it will carry but it’s really highlighting the fact that there’s a shift happening towards using AR, VR and MR in day to day life.

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