E3 2015 Day 3 and Playstation’s Morpheus Hands-on

By Henry Stuart June 23, 2015

It’s been a huge year for the launch of consumer VR at E3. Many of the industries big players were at the event in full force however one of the show stealers was Sony Playstation’s Project Morpheus.

Project Morpheus is set to be a plug-n-play HMD that simply slots into your playstation and can stream games in totally immersive VR rather than being limited to a rectangular screen to the user. The headset is set to arrive in Q2 2016.

The Playstation booth at E3 really made a point of showing off it’s Morpheus with 12 game titles and over 20 headsets available for attendees to demo. Alaster got a chance to demo a Tetris style game ‘Super hyper cube’.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IXEfQmyBms’]

The headset was the most comfortable of all the HMDs at the show the system easily fitted to the head and then the front screen panel closed towards the face smoothly. The headphones were a little clumsy but there are hints that the consumer grade headset will arrive with headphones built in. The HMD plugged directly into the PS4 via a USB plug but seemed to be powered through the mains. Hand tracking was also implemented through the HMD allowing the user to see their controller within game play. The actual demo was very simple but effective use of VR – good 360-bianural audio and very effective z-y positional tracking.

As yet there outside of gaming there hasn’t been any announcements about multi-media support such as video or photos for a VR platform but there was a leak recently by Shuhei Yoshida (Playstation’s head of world-wide studios) that there may be a collaboration on the way with Sony Pictures. Maybe this could be a 360-film/ storytelling platform?

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