virtual reality reveals magic trick at royal television society conference

Visualise teamed up with PPM Productions this month to reveal the top secret trickery behind ‘Killer Magic’ star Ben Hart. Hart’s magic trick was shot for TV using traditional cameras, and simultaneously the full set was captured in 360, revealing the method behind the magic of the BBC3 star.

The two films were screened at this year’s Royal Television Society Cambridge Convention during a breakout session called the “Rise of the Smartphones.” Presented by BBC Click’s Spencer Kelly, the audience were shown the traditional footage whilst notables figures including Tony Hall, Director-General of BBC, and RTS President Sir Peter Bazalgette watched the virtual reality version of the trick live on-stage.  

Hart’s methods were revealed to the VR viewers, whilst the audience watching the flat TV screen were left wondering how the illusion was achieved. The two versions of this magic trick are available on RTS’s YouTube Channel, watch the 2D version and see if you can outsmart the star magician. If you’re stumped watch the reveal in 360.

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