360 Live Stream for BIMA’s Digital Day

By Henry Stuart November 12, 2015

360 Live Stream brings Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland to 1000’s of students.

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We’ve partnered with Streaming Tank, our live streaming partners and BIMA to make this year’s Digital Day on 17th November extra special. Not only will Ogilvy’s Group UK Vice Chairman, Rory Sutherland, kick off Digital Day with one of his legendary talks, we’ll be live streaming his 20-minute opening speech at 9.30am GMT to students across the country in 360.

Prior to the event, branded Google Cardboard VR headsets will be sent out to the 100 participating schools in their challenge packs with instructions on how to download the iOS App and view the talk.

We’re expecting up to 10,000 students will watch Sutherland’s talk, transporting them to the Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School in London, as if they were right in the classroom with him.

The 360 Live Stream can be viewed in a number of ways:

Google Cardboard – inserting the iPhone into the viewer for a truly immersive experience.

‘Magic Window’ – tilt and move the iPhone or iPad to explore the stream outside of the devices’ traditional frame.

To have the best experience we recommend downloading the App to an iPhone5 and ensure you have a fast internet connection to receive a high quality live feed.

The day will see students working alongside digital industry professionals creating new digital ideas and concepts in response to three different challenges, provided by sponsors Vodafone, Sony Music and Standard Life.

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We’re very excited be part of BIMA’s initiative to introduce the next generation to the exciting career opportunities available to them in the digital industry, via technology which we suspect is going to influence their futures!

About Digital Day:

Digital Day taking place on 17th November 2015 brings together schools and digital agencies to raise awareness of digital career opportunities. Recent research shows that by 2020 the UK’s economy will require 2.3m digitally skilled workers. BIMA has brought its Digital Day initiative to life in order to help meet this demand and encourage schools to educate their students on the vast amount of exciting digital career opportunities available to them.

Interested in viewing the 360 live stream? Drop us a line: hello@visualise.com for access details.

Learn more about our 360 Live Streaming capabilities.


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