New rig for Immersive First Person POV

By Henry Stuart November 18, 2015

For the first time we put you in the driving seat!

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One of the biggest challenges in VR is capturing live action from a first person POV. The required position of the camera to give the illusion of the first person’s perspective isn’t any easy task. It’s something our automotive clients have been requesting to make the experiences more immersive.

We’ve already explored taking this to the next level with our experimental VR game, The Cell VR, for WIRED2015 and have now come a step closer for immersive live action 360-degree videos.

We have developed a rig that allows us to capture the true POV of the driver – not the view from below the chin or above the head but from the eyes.

Our custom POV rig allows for tricky, close quarter filming with minimum ‘stitch seams’, making it perfect for car interiors. We’ve built this system from the ground up, using custom cameras, lenses and 3D printing to pull it all together.

Take a look at our short teaser clip and watch this space for a new automotive project coming up!



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