Kyla La Grange Takes Flight with New Cinematic Stereo 360 Music Video

By Kathy Boyce June 1, 2016

Continuing our work with musicians, we’re excited to announce our latest VR experience, a cinematic stereoscopic 360 music video for Kyla La Grange’s latest single Hummingbird.

Produced for Inception’s new VR entertainment platform we worked with Kyla’s long term music video directors, Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams of De La Muerte Films.

visualise dop jonathan curran reviews the scene

Hummingbird allows you to follow Kyla on three different journeys. The story unfolds as an “Interactive Dream Sequence” in Kyla’s mind – featuring falling stars, a dancing galaxy and a rearing “Night Mare…”

In the words of Kyla, the song is about “hovering between the different versions of yourself – the traits you thought you’d outgrown but that come back to get you”.

Using a large sound stage with full studio lighting, the creative concept was brought to life through our collaboration with the directors, choreographers, designers and Inception.

Shot entirely on a RED Dragon camera system, the result is a stunning, cinematic-quality 360 video, made up of complex sequences including slow-motion and reverse movements.

vr studio visualise uncovers 360 video production costs.

Two versions of the video will be available, a 360 video for YouTube which you can watch right away and a stereoscopic 360 version due for release in June via Inception’s app, currently in beta mode.

We designed a custom stereo 360 workflow specifically for the project, which processed around 75,000 frames in NUKE over the course of three weeks.

developments in tech is creating freedom for more creative vr experiences

This project marks a shift in the way music videos are being filmed, and highlights how artists like Kyla La Grange are able to showcase their unique creativity through this exciting and new immersive medium.

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