Visualise joins the Raindance Film Festival VR Arcade

By Kathy Boyce September 1, 2016

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Raindance Film Festival, the UK’s largest independent festival is putting the spotlight on virtual reality filmmaking with a VR Arcade and we’re thrilled to have two projects included!

Delegates attending the Raindance Lab this year will be able to experience the performance of Jane Gauntlett’s In My Shoes: Dancing with Myself and The Economist’s RecoVR: Mosul, a collective reconstruction.

William McMaster head of production commented – “Raindance is one of the most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world, and I think its a huge achievement for us to have two experiences being shown.”

Following on from the success of other leading films festivals curating dedicated VR programmes such as Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca and SXSW Film Festival it’s an incredibly exciting time for content creators.

Join Will on Saturday 1st October for a panel discussion exploring VR and documentaries at 12.20pm at The Hospital Club.

The VR Arcade is open 1st – 2nd October at The Hospital Club. Grab a ticket and join Will for the panel on VR and documentaries on Saturday 1st October and book your session to immerse yourself in some of the best VR experiences out there.

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