New 360-degree trailer for TV show TEMPEL from Visualise

By Henry Stuart November 23, 2016

Enter the world of Berlin’s criminal underworld in this dramatic 360-degree trailer for ZDF’s drama TEMPEL

Today see’s the launch of our latest 360 VR experience, a 360-degree trailer of the popular German TV series, TEMPEL.

Visualise was enlisted as the specialist VR studio by German production company Polyhon, with the brief to produce a high-end 360-degree trailer as a teaser to the gritty TV show airing 29th November on ZDFneo.

TEMPEL is one of the first 360° video experiences ever made which achieves the same level of quality as a high budget dramatic TV series; combining bespoke 360 cameras, professional actors, stunt performers, art direction and lighting crew, all from the original show.



As one of the first narrative pieces of VR content, this is a particularly exciting project to be involved in, both in terms of the production value and the challenges involved to create the piece. Although this experience is only 2 minutes long, it will most definitely pave the way for longer high quality narrative content in the future.

“We recorded with the best on-set recording solutions and post-produced in high resolution ambisonics. This set us up to meet the high standards of broadcast regarding speech, music and sound design – all in a spatialised mix delivered to multiple platforms.”Henrik Oppermann, Head of Sound, Visualise

The 360-degree trailer is made up of a number of different scenes, including a particularly tricky scene captured from the inside of a van interior, learn more about this in our TEMPEL case study.

The trailer is available now on YouTube, Facebook and Gear VR / Arte App ahead of the show which will be aired on Tuesday 29th November on ZDF station.


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