Visualise production partner on #NichtEgal YouTube 360° Challenge

By Kathy Boyce February 14, 2017

Today sees the launch of immersive film Flucht, a collaboration between CONCEPT360, Vice Media Germany and YouTube with VR production and supervision supplied by Visualise.


flucht is the youtube 360 challenge

YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing platform in the world with 4 billion videos viewed each day. Since 2009 YouTube Germany have been actively working with YouTubers and celebrities to promote tolerance and respect on and off the internet.

#NichtEgal continues this commitment and launched in summer 2016 across YouTube’s German speaking communities. A 360° YouTube Challenge was set; an open call to YouTubers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to submit creative ideas for 360° videos that would help generate empathy towards displaced people and encourage openness and tolerance.

Phillip Leisner came up with the highly emotive concept for Flucht ist Flucht ist Flucht (Escape is Escape is Escape), that a jury awarded first place, and with the Visualise VR production team was made into a short 360° video.

The immersive experience follows a family of four as they travel through three social/political events that spans across World War II, East into West Germany 1981 and finally finishing in present day Berlin at a centre for Syrian refugees.

youtube 360 challenge

The shoot wasn’t without it’s challenges and required us to create an innovative custom camera rig which was hidden within a bag – one of the key focal symbols used throughout the film. You can learn more about this over on our case study page.

““Flucht is a great example of the fusion of technology and storytelling that Visualise is best at and demonstrates how 360° film is a fantastic medium to create empathy. We are proud to have worked on such a timely and poignant story."”

Will McMaster, Head of VR, Visualise

The 360° VR experience is now available to view on YouTube.

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